Photo Gallery


Mini tents in field Isolation over pressure Ventilated pollen cabins Spinach cabins
    Minitents in field                     Suger beet isolation overpressure           Ventilated isolations                  Spinach isolations

Pollen cage Pollen cage over pressure Pollen net over pressure Insect isolation cage

  Overpressure cabin and frame           Overpressure cabin                        Isolations and frames               Insect pollinating in cages


Rape isolation Indoor hanging isolations Oil seed rapes isolations

    Raps seed net isolations                   Raps isolation cage                         Indoor isolation                         Net cages in field
Oil seed rapes isolation

               Tunnel isolation                                Raps seed net isolations                 Raps seed isolations cages




Pollinating flies Sugar beet isolations Sugar beets Plant dividing net              

  Suger beets in tunnel                       Suger beets isolations                          Suger beets                          Net Divider     
Bumble bees in cage Closing tight with zipper Closing with zipper
      Bumble Bees                                 Zipper opening                          Zipper with flap                        Ground fastening     

  •    Folded edge of net isolation